Wednesday , 19 June 2024


How much painful, distressing , heartbreaking and heartrending can the sudden demise of a family member be? No one is capable of answering  this until someone experiences it himself as no word can ever describe this feeling of intense pain and agony. Brother Pharad, you unexpectedly left us for the hereafter on 27 Mar 2020,so suddenly and so abruptly, within a few seconds. Whom of your family was prepared to face  that? How could we ever imagine ourselves facing such a sudden crash in our life! Who would accept such a happening, without any sign or notice! So hard to accept! So hard to bear and so difficult to digest.

But we have to accept and submit to our Lord’s will. Behind every happening there is wisdom and our Lord is The All-Knowing and he only has knowledge of all secrets. The Lord is the Giver of Life and the Giver of Death and everything coming from him, we have to accept. The Lord is The Most Merciful and the Most Loving and he can only do goodness and mercy to his creatures. Every soul has to taste death. But beloved brother, not everybody is gifted with the privilege with which you have been honoured by your Lord; your soul left while you were standing in salaat( namaz) before your Lord. It is our faith that Allah The Most Beneficent, by his mercy and generosity, will elevate your status to that of a martyr and will reward you, in sha Allah, with a distinguished place in Jannah ( Paradise).

It is not my aim here to mention your good deeds because I will never finish enumerate them all, but also because I am fully aware that whenever your right hand did any good, your left hand was always kept unaware of it. You always remained discreet and self-effacing. Despite being a highly qualified and experienced professional, you remained incredibly humble, modest and simple. At home you were a considerate husband, a loving father, a sweet brother, a caring uncle…..

It stays fresh in our minds, how you would spend almost the whole night, care after our mum during her last stage of illness, less than six months ago; and then attend duty the next day, still on time and with discipline!We know how difficult it was for a tender-hearted man like you to contain your emotions, to enable yourself witnessing and bear the difficult times, through which our mother was passing. But brother, you knew that Paradise lies at the feet of the mother and that is where you always deserved to be. Bye Pharad, you will never walk alone. Our prayers, as well as those of our late parents will always accompany you. May Allah bless you for ever. We became distanced in this world but, in sha Allah, will meet again in the hereafter, never to part again from one another and that would be, for ever and ever.

Bye Ikbal Kurreemun 7 April 2020


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